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Bioluminescent Deep-Sea Siphonophore

The siphonophore appears to be a single large organism, but is actually a colony of individual zooids. These zooids function together as a single unit and some of them can’t survive without the others. This video captured a deep sea siphonophore that is also bioluminescent.


It’s actually not a whole lot less unnerving in the show. The thing tries to lure them and eat them. I’m watching it with Farmbaby, who is obsessed (shellington is her invisible friend sometimes), and I’m like, my god, this is dark, and she’s like the siphonophore can be reasoned with and I’m like my soul is not ready for this, kid.

Also she now knows the names of a whole lot of deep-sea creatures, but believes they have to be pronounced with British accents, which is a really entertaining twist that I hope stays with her for many years, long after she’s forgotten why.
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A post shared by Bridget Kelly (@bomberqueen17) on Apr 3, 2017 at 12:24pm PDT

Creek’s running a little high, but I’m told it’s down since last week.


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A little ice does not prevent puddle-stomping, if you’re determined. (at Laughing Earth)
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But Mexican Spanish is actually understandable if fast! Though I’m probably biased because I lived in Mexico for three months as a teenager.

Also clearly Spanish Brexit is Espalida.

Oh, yes! Mexican Spanish is beautiful, I really enjoy the accent a lot. It’s just so fast, so so so very fast. No, I actually think it’s my favorite accent– although, I am one hundred percent certain that there must be many accents of Mexican Spanish; I know very little about Mexico but I do know that it’s much larger than I habitually assume it to be. I can’t really tell the difference yet, but I’m certain there have to be numerous different variations on Mexican accents. There’s like, dozens of regional cuisines and regional folk music genres and such, so it just stands to reason; I just don’t have a gourmet enough palate, as it were, to tell the difference yet.

But I feel like them being the New Yorkers of Spanish holds up. I speak so fast that I routinely have to slow myself down for the benefit of other native English speakers. I’ve actually gotten really good at enunciating without losing speed so that I can cram as many words as possible into a half a second’s worth of conversation space. Middle-Little sister works at a university and was talking last night about how she’s trained herself to speak more slowly, and it’s not the foreign students that have the most difficulty, it’s the native US Southerners. 

(Relatedly, I was listening to an album in the car by a band from southern Arizona, mostly in English, but there’s Spanish mixed in here and there, and the singer addresses the crowd in Spanish sometimes, and he’s fluent sure, he made no errors I could discern, but I could absolutely tell that he had an accent in his Spanish. The big telltale was that he had sloppy-American T’s, the way a lot of us kind of hiss them so it’s not a crisp stop but a soft schmear. “Solo por tchee,” he sang soulfully, rolling the r correctly and just smooshing the T.)

(Yeah I do that in English and had never really thought about it. Nephew was learning to write, and said “tree starts with c,” and his mom was like “what?” Certain of himself, he wrote, “C-H-R-E-E”, and she was like…. “wow you’re not entirely wrong.”)
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Empire Plaza, Albany, NY during a blizzard. 

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A post shared by Bridget Kelly (@bomberqueen17) on Apr 2, 2017 at 3:37pm PDT

This has been going on for a little while.


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this “find out what han’s name was!” nonsense is obvious. he was han calrissian. then they got a divorce.

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As far as I know neither me nor my dude has any MH problems and this sounds a lot like how we live, so maybe a given percentage of the issue is The Patriarchy which lets dudes gaze upon filth in their own home and say, meh, not my problem, if I just leave it eventually a woman will clean it, right? They may not be aware that’s what they’re thinking, but they still are thinking it.

That is undeniably a factor. I mean, undeniably. I don’t have to pick his socks up off the floor, usually, but only because the literal first thing I did when we moved into this house was to put a laundry basket in the hallway and say all dirty clothes go in this and i will wash them, if they are not in this i will not wash them, which probably wouldn’t have worked except that when he lies in bed and takes his socks off, if he flings them straight forward, they go out the door, hit the wall, and fall into that basket. (And I do do every load of laundry.) 

It was only when I completely broke down and said  in order not to think about food i will literally buy dog food and eat it from a can every day so that i don’t have to think about this that he took over, and now he does virtually all of the cooking. And he makes me feel like shit about it, but he does it, and i haven’t really caved. I cook only occasionally. And he does almost all of the dishes, because I have a skin condition and actually wound up with a horrible infection that the antibiotics for gave me anaphylaxis and full-body hives and so after a while, he got more chill about doing the dishes. He complains sometimes, and I step in once in a while, but– here’s the thing, he only washes them immediately before preparing a meal. But he washes them.

So that means there are filthy dishes stacked high next to the sink literally all the time, because he washes them and then fills the sink again right away by cooking. But I’ve stood firm. This is just how I live. There’s constantly filthy dishes. But the dishes do get washed. So. 

He recently tried to complain about this and I asked him to describe how our washing machine works, and he stopped complaining. We’ve lived here fifteen years and he’s run a load of laundry precisely once, when I had two sprained ankles and couldn’t get down the stairs to the laundry room, and the lack of socks hit a crisis point. 

In college I postulated that there was a belief in The Housework Fairy that went completely unexamined in the minds of people, particularly male ones, whose mothers did too much for them, and this is borne out by a lot of observation since. It’s not even that a woman will do it for them, it’s a literal willful blindness that goes totally unacknowledged. The Fairy picks up dishes and socks, unloads the dishwasher, puts the remote back where it goes; waiting for a woman to do it would require that you acknowledge that the woman does anything at all. These sorts of tasks just Happen, as if performed by some corporeal extension of a benevolent universe.
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@bomberqueen17 this stuff is a brand called Kate (which might be part of Rimmel?) but it’s $5 at target and they have a bunch of matte colors. I have a bright red and more of a berry color. Put it in at 730, ate chicken and had two beers and sang for an hour and change and it was still mostly there at midnight when I went to bed.

fuck, man, i own so many different bright red lipsticks, and i can’t stop buying more, and i wear them almost never because who has time to reapply, but if you don’t you look ridiculous, so i just– i’m too self-conscious to ever wear them. but i love them. i love that they make lipstick in colors besides bright red by the way but i literally cannot understand why. i like to look at them but cannot make myself buy them. which means i have no excuse to buy more lipsticks. but god. i just want one that stays!!!
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