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Just wrote an update on Tumblr, so I'll be lazy and link to it.
I have other things to discuss over here, though, where I feel more comfortable being rambly.
Caution: I'm not going to lj-cut anything because I am a miserable bitch. Just FYI.

That entry (not everybody always clicks) is about how miserably ill I am with a wretched yet inconsequential summer cold. There's something so dissatisfying about being horribly uncomfortable and unable to function normally, yet actually trivially ill-- not worth calling in, not in any way worthy of concern, not even worthy of particular sympathy, and yet utterly miserable.
And yes, knowing how direly, desperately, agonizingly ill it is possible to be doesn't really help-- I take a moment to be grateful this is as bad as I have it, but the fact remains, I normally have it better and that pisses me off. Nothing wrong with acknowledging the feeling except the part where you gotta then move on and keep on keepin' on.
OK OK OK. I'm distracting myself with sewing. Mentally enormously hung up on the fact that I have not yet finished Nephew Caleb's birth sampler. He was born in 2009. I'm fucking serious. This thing... Ugh. I'm designing it as I go and I'm almost done and I just. Can't. Finish! Argh.
Goal: September, that's when I see him next. (Sob, I wish I saw them sooner. He is SO DAMN CUTE.)
OK, brief pause for Caleb picspam:
That's old, it's from Christmas, but it was entirely his idea to pose like that.
I am incredibly fortunate at this point to have two nephews and a niece, all children of my older sister. My baby sister, as it happens, is about to Facebook-announce her own impending motherhood-- due in December-- which makes me a spinster. (God almighty, if you know us in real life, will you not say anything on Facebook. That's the metric nowadays. I'm gambling nobody does because I know I'll forget to update here when she finally gets around to The Big Public Facebook Reveal, and I'll feel a right tit when I come back here talking about yet another nephew or niece that came out of nowhere.)

Incidentally at work on Friday I was printing some smitten mother's cute baby photos and was suddenly stricken with the overwhelming feeling of Ugh No Way about kids, so, huh. Maybe my intermittent wouldn't-babies-be-nice feeling is hormonal after all? Why can't this shit be easier to parse? God.

Anyway, I'm letting myself sew something for ME, which I almost never do. A bag to hold light stands and umbrellas that I just bought myself. And also a purse organizer as per this tutorial. So, good for me?

I'm also plugging away on the fanfic, as it's the only kind of writing I've been able to muster the absorption for in the last, uh, like, year? I signed up for mcshep_match and was given a prompt which I am dutifully attempting to follow. It blows my mind that the fandom's nowhere near dead, given how long it's been since the last episode of Stargate: Atlantis aired. But even random people I mention it to remember it, so, I guess it was memorable. I have no perspective on this. I'm making Z watch the series with me, every episode, in order, and we're halfway through the second-last season already, so... I figure I have until we finish to wrap up the obsession, and then it'll have to be on to something else. It's just... Sheppard is a great character because he's completely the opposite of how I ever, ever do the Manly Hero, and it's really entertaining to write him, and even more entertaining to pair him against McKay, or with McKay (I've written both slash and gen for them so far) and I'm having a good time with it. It's diverting, at least. Absorbing. Also there's shitloads of brilliant fics already written, and yet, I think, maybe, I might be able to come up with something a little different. So we'll see. :)
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On July 30th, 2013 04:06 pm (UTC), trobadora commented:
Hi there, did you get my emails about McShep Match? Please get in touch!

(Sorry to hear you're not well! I have a summer cold, too - woke up with it today - and I hate it.)
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