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I did it it’s done the last chapter is posted I’m on mobile and can’t make a link *hysterical laughter*
The master post list is in the queue and will go up in like 10 minutes so that is where the link is.
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Energy transfer statement - “ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any


This fight is not over #NoDAPL #nomorepipelines

They plan to continue construction regardless, because a country that can call upon militarized police to literally attempt murder on protestors has no real concern for the rule of law as we know it. So… before you celebrate…


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also I’m apparently way behind on answering comments so maybe I need to do some of that too? ? ? I really thought I’d answered things and I just– haven’t? Hm!
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I just. I had to catalogue this Epic Nap. The two of them. Reverse-chronological order from top left. Her head is upside-down in the current one. He is trapped and may starve to death, but at least he’ll be well-rested.
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I see a lot of posts about people feeling embarrassed, like, about everything, all the time, being embarrassed is I guess a huge part of some people’s lives. well listen

my girlfriend left her shoes in the middle of the living room floor, so I hid them in the oven drawer. because I thought it was a drawer that you could like–store things in?? I don’t know, I somehow made it to this point in my life without knowing that the fire happens in there. then I forgot I’d done it, and like, two days went by.

so the next time we went to make dinner, the shoes caught on fire.

then the oven caught on fire

then our whole house was full of black smoke

then the NYC firefighters had to come out to our apartment. there were like six of them.

half the people in our building came out of their apartments to find out what was going on, and if they were going to die or if they needed to evacuate their cats or something

and then an actual, New-York’s-finest firefighter looked me wearily in the eyes and said “try not to keep shoes in your oven” as he left.

and now we need a new oven.

and I would say that I felt…mild embarrassment? I experienced a patina of chagrin. “whoops,” I thought to myself, as the firefighters tromped off and the firetruck drove off into the night. “I should probably have known that about oven drawers.” then I bought my girlfriend a new pair of shoes, since I’d burned her old shoes. then we ordered a pizza.

if I can not feel embarrassed about that, I hope you guys can take heart.

Serious question: What is an oven drawer?

I mean come on, it just looks like a drawer, right

Isn’t that where the pots and pans go?

I definitely remember pots and pans getting stored in the drawer of the oven we had when I was growing up. so I figured, okay, that’s a drawer for putting stuff in. key detail I guess: pots and pans are fireproof

unlike shoes




Not always the broiler actually. Sometimes it is just a drawer. My aunt keeps snack foods in there (Oreos, Cheetos, the shit she doesn’t want people to know she eats) and her oven has never caught on fire.

So this is handy information for me to start inspecting the oven of every place I ever move into from now until eternity.

fair enough but i feel like if shoes go in and fire comes out it’s probably the broiler

Oh thank god it’s sometimes a drawer. I thought I had a broiler for years and never used it.

So there’s a compartment that SOMETIMES is extra storage and SOMETIMES is full of fire?

Yep, basically.

HANG ON. I’m used to ones with grillers (broilers, i guess? I’m not in the US) in a slot at the TOP, with a pop-down door, instead of a drawer.However, the most important part of the griller is that it DOESN’T TURN ON unless you turn on the griller! is that not the case with broiler drawers? Is OP just turning on all the nobs on the oven in the hope of making foods?Secondly: aren’t the drawer kind supposed to be warming drawers? For heating plates and/or proofing bread?

The under-the-oven broilers use the same heating element as the oven. So whether you’ve turned the broiler on or not, there’s fire up there. Broiler is a setting on the regular oven knob, not its own separate button.
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I might be done with that– novel. Epic. Trilogy. Whatever.
I’m not sure but I might be.
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This is her “why are you taking my picture” face. #chita
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Good Christ, Google app. I looked up traffic one re on my commute home and ever since, it has been notifying me of traffic in my area CONSTANTLY. It is six in the morning and I drive to work at 8:30 every day and it’s pushing notifications to my smartwatch about light traffic. No shit. Yesterday it was going me to-the-minute updates all through the 2-3:00 pm hour, when I leave at 5.
The only option on the slider is yes/no. “tell me about traffic in my area.” You know what, at my commute time, maybe? But I’m gonna push that ticker to “no” because I don’t need you to wake me up to let me know there’s no traffic near me in the middle of the fucking night.
Also I’m on my phone ranting about traffic because my computer’s web browser is acting shitty and won’t let me write the post about child labor laws that I’ve been awake thinking about since 4am.
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More ballpoint art for the day. I feel like the girl in that vine where she’s telling a story and just rolling a lint-roller absently across her own face the entire time?
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