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i think this is how i feel most of the time

i got u balloons

omg you are so cute

i got u a cat

i made you a cake 

got u a party hat for the party for u


hello friend i bring u anime

I brought happy music :D


@bomberqueen17, I hope this reaches and pleases you

Thank you! Yes, I did need a cheer-up. It’s been A Week. Or so.
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Got the chapter up at lunchbreak, sans Poe-and-cadets sleepover. (With BB-8 as a snuggle buddy, I was particularly pleased with that.) Oh well, it’ll be an outtake.

This is as nice as I can make the formatting on mobile, folks.


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Holy clusterfuck of a morning. Ugh. I have this occasional thing where for no reason if I taste something tart I get an agonizing shooting pain in my right jaw hinge for two to three seconds? I don’t know either but it’s happening today. However, there is a tiny baby deer in the narrow strip of Wilderness behind our strip mall so seeing that is today’s moment of Zen. Even if it means no ventilation in here, I won’t open our back door because I don’t want to scare its momma. Photo to follow, blurry and taken by my rude coworker who is less concerned about momma deer’s finer feelings.
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Oh this is awesome. From this Q&A with Gray in EW:

Leia encounters a criminal figure who is fascinated by her because she’s known as “The Huttslayer” in the underworld. He even has a holograph recording of her killing Jabba. What made you decide to revisit her time in that skimpy gold bikini?
Right around when I was working on this part of the book there was a movement that went around in some Star Wars fan circles – a lot of talk about how much people don’t like the ‘Slave Leia’ outfit. That’s her most powerless moment in the entire thing… It was a dancing girl outfit, but it gets called a slave outfit. I believe it was a young lady named Angie P, who said, “I petition that we call it The Huttslayer outfit,” and I was like, “That is a great name and that is going to happen right now.”

And now ‘Huttslayer’ is canon!
Not only did I like recasting that outfit as a memory of Leia being really strong and kick-ass, but think about it – for a human being to kill a Hutt with her bare hands? That’s unbelievable. Anybody who would be able to pull that off would be remembered for it. That would be legend.
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A video posted by @daisyridley on Apr 25, 2016 at 10:37am PDT



That kind of heavy sword is used for strength training with a blade, so that when you use the real thing, it’ll feel way lighter in comparison, making you quicker and more deadly. Get ‘em, Daisy!!

Ok, I need to reblog this again because as someone who has some degree of iaido training (and I admit that has technically nothing to do with what she’s doing besides the basics of japanese sword fighting, i.e. directional swipes), her control is incredible. Her strength level is so high that she has complete control over that blade down to its fucking speed at any given twirl. Holy shit, Daisy. Holy SHIT.

My favorite part of this is imagining she goes on in her career to mostly playing in romantic comedies and like, political thrillers and whatever, and so never uses these skills again professionally, but literally every movie’s DVD extras includes at least one scene of, like, the female romantic lead suddenly doing sword-twirling tricks with a cardboard wrapping paper tube or whatever. Like, I GOT MY START IN STAR WARS NEVER FORGET IT. Sixty years from now she’s playing the Dowager Queen in a high-fantasy epic and she’s this frail beautiful ancient thing ensconced on a throne, and the director can’t resist and there’s totally a swordfight scene where 80something Daisy fucking wrecks everyone, because she got her start in Star Wars and don’t you forget it.
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i wasn’t in the english-speaking fandoms back in ‘09, because i could hardly string a couple sentences together back then, but reading about how these events unfolded and how the absolute fuckery that happened half a decade ago is so clearly mirrored by BFNs today (specially in the marvel, dc and star wars fandoms, but in many smaller fandoms as well) is truly disgusting.

i thought this could be a good read for those who, like me, joined fandom after this happened. as is usual in fanlore, there are a bunch of links and backlogs and everything is pretty neatly resumed. 

I was more or less in fandom when this happened and yes, people should be aware of this, thank you for posting this.

I still have a list of SFF writers I will never support because of their behavior during Racefail ‘09.
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LiveJournal friends are still so ubiquitous in my life that I often forget how we met. Many are (still) writers. When I scroll through my Twitter feed, I see my LiveJournal friends. When I got married, LiveJournal friends stood in the sun and cheered. We’ve known and loved each other for well over a decade. We’ve listened to one another’s daily lives and confessions and complaints. Most of us have never met in person or even talked on the phone, but we’ve read each others’ diaries and found ourselves there. It’s true that we’ve only ever known each other on the internet.

But still.


Lindsey Gates-Market, In Celebration of Old-School LiveJournal.

The whole article is worth reading, but this passage really spoke to me.

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The random strikethrough banner I found in my old files and posted on a whim here a while back occasionally gets reblogged somewhere. It’s on another spike just now, and it’s making me very nostalgic for the days when there was a social media website that was designed for use, not to use you. But that train has long since left the station…
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Over the years dude and I have come up with our own sundae recipe called The Unspeakable Ice Cream Disaster. Someday we’ll custom-order it, but not tonight– the joint is jumping! (at King Condrell’s Candy & Ice Cream)
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The Rebel Finn Sunday Challenge is a weekly prompt challenge to inspire the creation of Finn centered fanworks. 

We will announce a new theme every Sunday which you are free to interpret in any way you want. You can create any fanwork of your choosing (namely: gifs, edits, fanfic, fanart, meta, etc) and tag the post as #rebelfinnsunday in the first five tags.

The first prompt will be up on May 1st. Right now, our AskBox is open for prompt ideas or questions you may have.


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