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James Edward Greybill, invited to address the Alexander Hamilton Post of the Grand Army of the Republic utilized the opportunity to prepare a study of Hamilton’s military career […] Among the topics touched on by Greybill was Hamilton's song. In the course of his research he wrote to Schuyler Hamilton, another grandson, and received a long letter in reply, of which the following paragraphs contain the pertinent material:

“I have always been of the opinion, from what I have heard from my father and uncles, that the song sung by my grandfather at the dinner of the Cincinnati, where Colonel Burr was present, was General Wolff’s famous camp song, which begins with the words, “How stands the glass around?” I enclose you a copy of it. Colonel Burr was seated on the left of General Hamilton at this dinner. My informants told me, and they had it from their fathers, who were present, it was the song, “How stands the glass around” - as well it might, which aroused Burr’s attention. Mr. Edmund Lincoln Bayliss, a grandson of General Lincoln, of revolutionary fame, told me the song sung on that occasion was Wolff’s song, and scouted the idea of General Hamilton singing, before the Cincinnati, “The Drum,” which, he said, was a common tavern ballad. “The Drum,” to which I suppose you refer, was a favorite camp song in both the British and Continental armies. It appears as part of “The Jolly Beggars,” in Robert Burns’ works […] It is like many of the camp songs of that day — un-nice, and, with a duel before him in a few days, it is altogether out of keeping with my grandfather’s character for him to have sung it, Colonel Burr being by his side.”

This Schuyler Hamilton letter, dated January 4, 1897, obviously raises some problems, but it at least specifically identifies two genuine “old military songs” which Hamilton could have sung on July 4, 1804.

Schuyler Hamilton’s reasons for rejecting the Robert Burns “Drum" are not in themselves very persuasive. Clearly any song that was deemed “un-nice” by him and such of his friends as Mr. Bayliss — “a common tavern ballad” — was not an appropriate swan-song for his illustrious ancestor. Thus Schuyler Hamilton rejects the Burns ballad as “altogether out of keeping with my grandfather’s character.” There is, however, stronger evidence against Burns’s “Drum” than he seems to have been aware of. “The Jolly Beggars" was indeed written as early as 1793, but like so many of Burns’s poems it circulated only in manuscript among his friends for a long time before it was published posthumously in Glasgow in 1799. Schuyler Hamilton was evidently mistaken, then, in thinking that the Burns verses were “a favorite camp song in both the British and Continental armies” during the American Revolution. It was not impossible, of course, for Hamilton or some other member of the Cincinnati in 1804 to have learned and performed the Burns ditty, but if it was sung at the July 4, 1804, meeting, it would have had to be offered as a brand new hit, rather than as an old familiar song dating back to the days in which the group were comrades-in-arms. And this sort of solo, it must be confessed, does seem out of character both for Hamilton in particular and in general for convivial singers at a veterans’ gathering […].

The most likely candidate, then, as the song sung by Hamilton is the so-called “General Wolfe’s Song” — the song which Wolfe was supposed to have written the night before his glorious death on the Plains of Abraham.


What Was Hamilton’s “Favorite Song”? The William and Mary Quarterly - Vol. 12, No. 2, Alexander Hamilton: 1755-1804 (Apr., 1955). part three.

and here are the lyrics to “General Wolfe’s Song” / “How stands the glass around?”

(via angelica-hamilton)

I have a recording of this song! I had no idea it was associated with General Wolfe! I know the song well and often sing it to my niece. My dad had a record with it sung in four-part harmony by a long-defunct British folk group, and it’s out of print, but he’d made a tape before loaning out his copy which of course disappeared. … Anyway. I have a recording of this song. Somewhere.
… Maybe I’m more interested in this Hamilton craze than i’ve let on until now.
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Just handed over the cash for my yurt and helped the maker disassemble it into my car, then drove the rest of the way across the state. Arrived pretty late, so am in the usual guest bedroom at my parents’ house, and tomorrow have plans to set the thing up at my sister’s. 

Last time I was here I drove as many miles between her house and my parents’ every day as I did each way across the state, so it’s not just idle fancy making me think having my own place to say on the farm is a great idea. It’s also me being sick of driving so much. 

Stopped and ate some french fries at a Roy Rogers in a rest stop (the only extant Roy Rogers? Dunno) and my mood, somewhat dismal given how shitty it is to drive in heavy rain, was enormously improved by the two sixtysomething women sitting a few feet away from me absolutely dissolved in laughter. I couldn’t hear anything they were saying over the ambient noise and Muzak, I could only hear the one’s helpless high-pitched giggles as she kept trying to stop laughing, and failing. The other was definitely the instigator, and kept setting her off again, and the first one was almost crying she was laughing so hard. 

I have no idea what was so funny, but I grinned the whole way through my eat-and-text session, because they were just so absolutely taken with mirth. 

Tomorrow, yurt. The only thing I’m a little worried about, besides never having set one up before, is that as we were rolling up the wall canvas there were a number of wolf spiders we could not induce to flee the correct direction, and so I’m pretty sure my car is full of spiders at the moment. I’m not afraid of spiders, I have a great relationship with spiders, it just really crucially hinges on them not ever touching me. So uh. I’m actually seriously considering cutting as much mint as my sister can spare and putting it in the extra fabric at the base of the walls, to deter spiders and mice (both of which dislike mint). I should look up more information about that online while I’m computering… 
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via http://ift.tt/1L9MKOv:Ruth Coker Burks, the cemetery angel:


Over the next few years, as she became one of the go-to people in the state when it came to caring for those dying with AIDS, Burks would bury over 40 people in chipped cookie jars in Files Cemetery. Most of them were gay men whose families would not even claim their ashes.

“My daughter would go with me,” Burks said. “She had a little spade, and I had posthole diggers. I’d dig the hole, and she would help me. I’d bury them and we’d have a do-it-yourself funeral. I couldn’t get a priest or a preacher. No one would even say anything over their graves.”

She believes the number was 43, but she isn’t sure. Somewhere in her attic, in a box, among the dozens of yellowed day planners she calls her Books of the Dead, filled with the appointments, setbacks and medications of people 30 years gone, there is a list of names.

Burks said she always made a last effort to reach out to families before she put the urns in the ground. “I tried every time,” she said. “They hung up on me. They cussed me out. They prayed like I was a demon on the phone and they had to get me off — prayed while they were on the phone. Just crazy. Just ridiculous.”

She learned to say the funerals herself, after being rebuffed by preachers and priests too many times. Even so, she said she never doubted what she was doing. “It never made me question my faith at all,” she said. “I knew that what I was doing was right, and I knew that I was doing what God asked me. It wasn’t a voice from the sky. I knew deep in my soul.”
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Back side of a work in progress. Nice to be in a life place where hand-sewing is soothing again.
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Dammit, I get so annoyed by d/s AUs where the d/s is too, like…DISORGANIZED! Like people doing d/s stuff with all their friends and coworkers, instead of just people they’re dating and having sex with. I guess the issue is whether being dom or sub is defined as “how you are in a sexual/romantic relationship” vs. “how you are in general.” It’s not that the latter can’t make sense in an AU, but it’s just not something that’s relatable to me, or that I find attractive. Maybe reading d/s AUs for relatability was my first mistake.

I feel you on this so much!

Like, I mean, I write a lot of sex. A lot. And some of that sex, a great deal of that sex, has D/s undertones, like one character taking charge, a character relying on another to mentally transport them, that kind of thing. I definitely have a lot of weird little power exchanges going on in sex (as in conversations!) because I feel like that does tend to happen in real life too. 

And I enjoy reading about that in other people’s stories. But it really puts it over the edge to me when it becomes so– like, all-encompassing, I guess, is the word I’d use. I do grok that there are people who are Lifestyle type of people where literally everything they do is colored by this, and I definitely lack the… not hardware, but not really even software– firmware, maybe? to appreciate this. 

It sort of selfishly makes me sad that so many good authors are so heavily into the D/s AU thing, because I try to read the stories anyway out of enjoyment of the authors’ writing styles, but sweet lord, I cannot actually suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy a story where everyone in the entire world is defined by their sex-related role. 
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this is my great grandmas antique gravy bowl and i just got yelled at for disrespecting it with pizza rolls

… I have an antique gravy boat given to an ancestress of mine in the 1880s or so in payment for an operatic performance, and I have no idea what to use it for, so this actually looks like a really good idea. It has a matching ceramic ladle tho, what should I use that for? Pizza sauce? Man now I wanna put something in mine.


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So at my workplace, I’m basically the only one who is super into punctuality. I mean, I get it; I don’t have OCD but I definitely have some really specific intense anxiety around being late for stuff, I freak out. Today I clocked in at 9:01, which is the latest I’ve been for a 9:00 shift since the last blizzard.
I have really complicated shit about this, okay– and sleeping late, and making people wait for me, and a whole constellation of stuff. And I’ve gradually realized, that’s my issue. If someone says to be there at 8:30, showing up at 8:45 is not a moral failing.
(It could get you fired at many jobs I’ve had, and across most of service-level America, but that’s another story. Clearly, not at this job.)
What I cannot, cannot understand is how many of my coworkers, KNOWING that they have never been on time for ANYTHING in their lives, which doesn’t make them bad humans it just makes them not punctual ones, will tell customers and business acquaintances to meet them at a specific time at the start of their shift. “I get in at two,” they say, “meet me here then,” and the person being like me shows up at 1:45, and I’m like… X is always at least 20 minutes late…
If I were chronically late I wouldn’t give someone so specific a time!

This isn’t even a dig at my one idiot coworker, although there were three totally separate occasions last week alone where she wasn’t there when people came in for appointments with her– not including one she’d scheduled on a day she’d worked and told another employee to handle for her– it’s, like, half a dozen fucking people in the time I’ve worked here.

II know my own horror of wasting another person’s time is my own issue, but I tell you what, if I made a business arrangement to meet someone at a specific time and they weren’t there? I would BURN DOWN the fucking building.
(A vague time is different. “This weekend sometime” / “Tuesday ish?” “Oh like Friday morning maybe” – all of those, I’d figure without a more specific confirmation that it may or may not happen. “Monday first thing” (at a business with clear opening hours), “Wednesday around three”, “Tuesday 2pm sharp!” “Thursday after 1”– those are binding fucking contracts. The last one, if there wasn’t an ending time, I’d call to make sure.)
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Oh my god my work computer’s virus scanning software reset the default search engine to Yahoo on my browser.
And I was like, whatever, I’m not fussed, I don’t care.
Oh my LORD Yahoo’s search results are BAD!!! There was nothing even relevant!
You take Google for granted. You take their awkward graphic design and slow growth to world domination for granted. Maybe they are subduing us for their nefarious purposes or whatever, but man, they really are the only way to find anything on the internet.
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Project update: “ironed” it by leaving it flat under my recharging laptop all night. Crooked but I’ll mount it so it won’t matter. Next step to whip the fluorescent floss over the black, and add gems. You thought this would be understated? You are not familiar with either me or the lyric’s author.
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how do people sneak out of their house??? I could be going to pee in the middle of the night and my mom will be like what tf you doing 

I have always wondered this.

I grew up in an apartment building with a doorman, so first off, that’s another problem to work around. But more specifically, the door to that apartment is metal and heavy, and so help me, the sound of the locks and the door handle echo through the entire place. No one is sneaking out without waking up half the house.

It really really helps if you live in a big creaky house and it’s summer and the doors are open, only the rickety screen doors closed against the night breezes, and you know where the floorboards creak, and you perhaps thought before you went to bed to make sure that the one with a loud latch was left slightly ajar, and you left your shoes outside on the porch, and you know that if you leave the fan on in your room the hum will be loud enough and you’ll be on the other side of it from your sleeping parents and No Sense Of Humor big sister.

I’ve no fucking clue how people who live near other people do it.

(I also don’t know how I’d ever get farther than I could walk, because a car comes down within half a mile and both Mom and Dad are discussing it the next morning. “Who could that have been? Do you think the neighbors are having an affair? Maybe someone was lost.” Dead end dirt road problems.)
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